I have a fascination with the British countryside, combined with a love of walking and a desire for regular periods of isolation.

The Chiltern Hills are my go-to place to satisfy this urge, with an understated beauty and a diverse enough landscape to keep me interested no matter how often I return. Wide rolling hills which turn cold and harsh in Winter but no less beautiful; forests to explore; and ancient villages to rest in.

Walking in solitude I spent many weekends collecting photographs of this wonderful area of outstanding natural beauty and have used them to create my Organic Contrast series.

A selection of abstract photographic manipulations focused on processing minimalist organic photographs of the flora and fauna with geometric patterns, symmetry and tonal contrast.

The images speak of the stark, bleak beauty of a late British autumn moving through to midwinter with glimpses of bare branches, wildflowers dried out against the sky and silhouettes of wild birds. Sometimes a there's a hint of the gothic, with crows looking on from crooked dead branches; a light touch of folk horror with suggestions of pagan symbolism; on occasion there are hints of religious or spiritual symbols thrown into the mix. Overall these are a celebration of the beauty of nature in it's many guises.

The Postcards

Each set contains five different postcards chosen at random, although you can specify if you prefer. The postcards are A6 matt printed card with a space on the reverse to write a message or record your thoughts on a blustery autumn day. They are packaged in board backed envelopes and generally shipped within three days (stock allowing).


A selection of the images which feature on the postcards.

Autumn Sky Kites Circling Winter Branch Snowflake Christmas Tree Division In the woods The Light Rests On My Bones Mechanised Murder Starlings Wings of Grass
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About the artist

Robert Barker has been an amateur photographer since the age of twelve when his parents bought him a Zenith film camera which bought huge joy. Originally processing his own photographs in a home dark room (now alas lost to time), he has since moved onto digital. His interest waned in later teenage years but took off again when involved in the underground UK music scene he started creating flyers and album covers for rock and industrial bands. In the last three years his interest in moving into more abstract and experimental techniques has taken off. Aside from photographic manipulations he also works in motion graphics, interactive digital work and audio. He enjoys solitude, walking, tea and industrial music. He likes people more than this suggests.


He is very interested in artistic process and believes that strict structures can bring about the best creative outcomes. The process for the this series involved regular photographic trips to collect source material consisting of intentionally silhouetted photographs. These would be collated into several categories following which photographs would be manipulated using several specific workflows, most using geometric constraints and forced symmetry.

Robert BarkerRobert Barker


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